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Marina Glikman

Ola -"Wave" in Spanish- is a slow-fashion brand founded by designers Malena and Luz after the terrible loss of their mother due to breast cancer. We partnered with them to help build the brand concept and visual identity. 

Ola: a brand born from loss and hope

"We wish we could find the cure for cancer, but we won't. What we can do is -through our pieces- talk." (Translation from the image on the right).

From our early conversations with Ola's founders, it was clear that it wouldn't be easy to create an identity for a brand born out a terrible episode in their lives. We all know how difficult it can be to just talk about that personal stuff, so imagine developing a project from it.

The work required skills far beyond the merely technical and demanded us to be empathetic listeners, in order to create a respectful response and pay homage to Malena and Luz's mom and to all women.

The Challenge

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"You cannot stop the tide, but you can learn to surf the wave". That's a lesson that Ola's founders learnt after losing their mom to cancer. Because of it, we wanted Ola's voice to convey calm, optimism and self-reliance.

Our Goals

Communicate Ola's powerful background story from a place of hope

Crafting a brand that felt supportive like calm water

Clothes are an expression of our identity, so at the core of Ola's brand message is the premise that all women have the right to feel embraced and supported on the oceanic journey that implies forming an identity.

"You cannot stop the tide, but you can learn to surf the wave" (Translation from the image above).

The Results

Ola was born from the need to deal with a devastating life chapter with loving dignity. Marina, our Brand Designer (whose name actually means "woman of the sea), helped Ola to find a voice to tell its moving story and to celebrate life with all its joys, challenges and uncertainties.

Malena and Luz maintain their purpose of raising awareness on cancer from a place of optimism.