Helping a software development agency to reach a wider audience


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Helping a software development agency to reach a wider audience

Bitlogic is a software development agency founded in 2016. By the time they reached out to us in 2022, they already had a steady client base and were getting constant projects thanks to referrals. But they wanted to scale beyond word-of-mouth recommendations and, in order to do that, they needed to build an efficient marketing machine. Revamping their brand was the necessary first step: it looked outdated and didn’t reflect their current level of expertise. They were building high-quality digital products, but their potential clients didn’t know it yet.


Brand strategy

Visual Identity

Social Media Content


How to evolve while staying familiar?

We worked on Bitlogic’s rebrand, updating some of the original elements and designing new ones to create a brand system. We fixed compositional issues in their logo, modernized their color palette, developed illustrations, iconography, patterns, and social media templates. The usage guidelines were collected in a brand book to make sure that it was easy for them to maintain consistency across brand and marketing materials. The new brand identity preserves the foundational elements that were familiar to their existing customers while helping them attract new ones.


A new brand emerges

Techie, vibrant and audacious, the new brand has helped Bitlogic to align how the world sees them with how they see themselves. A library of brand assets makes it easier for them to produce marketing campaigns, reach the type of clients they’re after and expand beyond referrals. Their fresh and disruptive identity makes them stand out against other similar companies in the region and allows them to attract the best talent.


Thanks to everyone who dared to be a #BitDifferent

Thanks to Alfredo and Rosario, from Bitlogic, for taking this colorful journey with us, for being open to our ideas and for teaching us that talking to rubber ducks is an amazing therapy. Thanks to our friends Manu and Cata, from Say Hi! Consulting, for the Brand Strategy that gave us a foundation to build a brand on top of. Thanks to Lucrecia and Sofia for the brand design and illustrations. Team work makes the dream work.

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Alfredo Edye

Founder & CEO, Bitlogic

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