Helping a Design Academy to Create a Better Experience for its Students


Project info

Helping a Design Academy to Create a Better Experience for its Students

When the pandemic started and almost every activity moved to the digital realm, Nnido decided to create a series of online courses aimed at a Spanish speaking audience to allow them to take their first steps into an industry traditionally dominated by English. By the time they reached out to us, Nnido had already produced some educational videos, but they were lacking elements that made them all look like they belonged together. ​​


Motion Graphics & Illustration


Increasing brand awareness

We helped Nnido to create an intro video, logo animations, transition screens and lower third graphics to brand their content and become instantly recognizable. We started by creating sketches and styleframes in order to plan the final look for the animated assets.


Making video even more engaging

By incorporating animated elements, Nnido was able to create a cohesive look and feel across all of their content, which helped to establish their brand identity and increase brand awareness. The animated logos and transition screens also added an element of professionalism and production value to Nnido's content, making it stand out from the competition.


The people who made it possible

Wanda Arca was the Motion Designer in charge of bringing to life Nnido's brand by incorporating animation and making their videos more engaging. Thanks, Wan!

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