A Product Development agency sheds an old identity and prepares for growth


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A Product Development agency sheds an old identity and prepares for growth

Rootstrap is a Software Development and Product Design agency named one of America's Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. and The Financial Times. It was born after the merge of two different companies and, as a result, its brand identity was scattered through different design attempts they had conducted over the years. For over 10 years, they had been designing and developing products for leadings companies in the US -like Google and Masterclass-, but their brand had become outdated and their website wasn’t doing a good work at educating and converting potential clients.


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A balance between boldness and expertise

We worked with them on a brand refresh that prepared them to attract the bigger clients they were after. With a 300+ people team, they sure didn't want to come across as a small shop –but were trying to stay away from a stale corporate look. Following their internal manifesto of becoming "digital masters", we created an identity that was bold without being overly loud. A true master knows he is a master. A combination of vibrant color accents and a minimalist layout allowed them to draw attention when they wanted and letting their client work shine when needed.


Making it easier to land dream clients

We built a library of assets that boosted Rootstrap's capacity to attract clients and close deals. By working closely with their Marketing and the Sales teams, we made sure that every customer touch point made potential clients feel reassured and delighted. The core rebranding process lasted about four months, but the collaboration went so smoothly that we managed the brand for a full two years.


A two-year collaboration

Over the course of two years, several people worked together on making this happen. On Rootstrap's side, the project was led by Patrick Ward -VP of Marketing-, and Napoleón Martínez -former Design Lead-. On our side, Sofía took care of the Brand Strategy and visual identity. UX/UI design was in charge of Carmen, Natalia and Danila. Santiago, Alina and Gabriela created some of the illustrations for the marketing blog. Wanda and Marina brought together Rootstrap's best projects in an animated work reel.


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